Amanda Bell

Training with IAIM – International Association of Infant Massage 

Training in Baby and toddler yoga, both companies accredited and approved by Royal college of midwives and many more. 

Tel: 302638 


It’s probably true to say that if you live in the east of the Island your primary school age children will recognise me more than you, as one of the ‘open the book’ ladies!

But no more as I am now to be the “Lucky little acorns” lady!

I have had an active interest in child welfare for many years and my journey now is to promote baby massage for the benefits of parent/primary carer and baby. Colic and teething relief, better sleep, muscle strengthening, and improved cognitive function to name a few. Easy comfortable, Socialising and discussion. From 6 week check up’s to 1 year old, pre- walking. All massage instruction is 5 sessions. 

Also promoting the huge wealth of an early yoga foundation from the very start, helping mum and baby to keep in trim and good health, whilst continuing valuable bonding time and relaxation with baby. From as young as you wish (after 6 week checks) you know your baby best! And up unto 18 months. Much fun to be had. 

These classes run for 4 weeks at a time. 

Toddler yoga will continue the journey from babyhood to preschoolers or be the start of the yoga way of life that your child will be eternally grateful to you for. 

I’m presently seeking volunteer case studies for all sessions. No charge for those groups, just brief feedback required at end and attendance of all sessions. 

See you all soon, let the healthy good life begin!