Megan Graham

Level 2 Gym Instructor 

Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor

Originally practising as a Physiotherapist Megan has always loved learning about health, fitness and how the body works. Being a lover of fitness herself and with a passion to help others achieve their fitness goals, it made sense to move into the fitness industry. Recognising the power and motivational impact of music, Megan decided to gain her Exercise to Music qualification. Megan can teach a variety of classes and really enjoys all over body workouts that are fun and suitable for all levels!

I would love to have you join me in class so come along and try it out!

The current class I am running is Dance Based Aerobics that is a great workout to music that is fun but will also definitely make you work! It is simple aerobic based moves with a dance twist to help really shape the waist and work the whole body!